About WLBC

Wooden Legs Brewing Company (WLBC) was founded in 2010 to do two things: to introduce the community, region, and all visitors to the enjoyment of drinking beer for the taste; and to create an environment that leaves visitors more inclined to seek out and share ideas with long-time friends, new acquaintances, and everyone in between.

The WLBC team knew there were only two ways to bring that dream to life – either burn down all the bars that served non-craft products and engage the police with witty conversation via bullhorn during the ensuing standoff, or start a brewpub in beautiful Brookings, South Dakota. We had twenty-five years of home-brew experience between us and no bullhorn, so we chose the latter. What you see in front of you is what didn’t make the ten o’clock news.

After nearly two hard years of recipe development and learning the ins and outs of opening a small business, WLBC opened its doors during craft brew week 2013 (April 13th) and welcomed all the beer enthusiasts we’ve met along the way as well as those who have yet to discover the taste of craft-brewing.

Hours of Operation:
Open 12:00PM – 10:00PM Everyday
Open later on the weekends

Our Building

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