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This is why we are all here, for the beer. Explore our Flagship Line and introduce yourself to the reliable beers that will be waiting for you year-round, find out when you can expect your favorite Seasonal Beer to come back around, and check back frequently to see what’s new on our always-experimental Beta Brew line.

Always reliable and always on tap. When you come through the doors of WLBC and call for your usual, you’ll be calling for your Flagship of choice.

Any good sailor knows to shove off with the most reliable ship in the fleet when venturing into uncharted waters. That’s what you’ll find with our Flagship Line of beers. These were the first beers we pulled from our carboys that made us want to repeat a brew and we’ve been refining them ever since.

Go ahead browse, click on the beer logo to read more, we are sure you will find your next favorite.

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