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The WLBC Farmhouse Ale is our American interpretation of the classic Saison style that originated in the French speaking region of Belguim. Like the Saison (French for “Season”) of old, our ale is brewed to be refreshing yet complex summer ale. The saison style was truly defined by the region, so the Wooden Legs Brewing Company version calls on unique hops, grains and cereal of the USA. The grain bill consists of American ale malt, malted wheat and even a touch of corn. Crystal hops provide a mild floral and the spice to balance out the malt. The Belgian yeast provides additional subtle spices and esters and ferments to a wonderful cloudy complexion.

Style: Saison (16C)

Color: 9.4 SRM

Bitterness: 15.2 IBU

OG: 1.059 (14.4° P)

ABV: 5.8%

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