Kuhl Blonde

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The Wooden Legs Brewing Kühl Blonde Ale is our version of an easy-drinking summer ale. The blonde ale is much lighter in color than it’s sister the Pale Ale, but it is still brewed in a traditional process with the traditional ingredients.

The Kühl Blonde is composed of British base malt with a healthy addition of American wheat. Both British and American hops are added to balance out the sweet malty flavors. Although it’s color is close to American lagers, the Kühl Blonde’s flavor is much more rich and complex than it’s distant light beer cousins.

Spices added at the end of the boil contribute to depth, complexity and mystery. The Kühl Blonde is fermented on a deliberate temperature schedule and conditioned in very cold tanks to produce a brilliantly clear and approachable ale. 


Style: Blonde Ale (6B)

Color: 3.9 SRM

Bitterness: 23.7 IBU

OG: 1.045 (11.2° P)

ABV: 4.7%

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