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 Most things in life break down to part planning, part science and part luck. The development of our WhatWeGot India Pale Ale was just that. We developed batches of IPAs looking for the right flavors, and although they all were very good, none of them were exactly what we wanted.

One brew day, while waiting on a delivery of more grain, we decided to take what we had around the brewery and “free style” a beer. We “borrowed” ingredients from other recipes in our flagship series and combined those with a little bit of ingenuity to produce this balanced, but potent, IPA. WhatWeGot was the happy result.

This beer would never be confused with a light hearted session beer. The strength of the malt is brought into check with the citrus like qualities of the hops. All of the flavors are wrapped up into a copper color beer that is as pleasing to look at as it is to drink.


Style: American IPA (14B)

Color: 15.9 SRM

Bitterness: 73.0 IBU

OG: 1.083 (19.8° P)

ABV: 8.6%

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