Featured Games from Our Collection



Shut the Box is a traditional pub game of dice for one or more players. A round of the game consists of each player taking one turn.  A player's takes a turn by repeatedly throwing the dice and closing numbers until the player cannot continue.  If anyone succeeds in shutting the box  i.e. closing all the numbers, that player wins outright. 

Brewmaster : Craft Beer Game


Using mechanics similar to rummy in "BrewMaster : The Craft Game" players combine cards to brew six beer styles including ale, stout and Belgian. In doing so players will use some of the 90 cards representing real beer ingredients. The player with the most beer festival trophies and crowd markers wins the game. The game is great for two to five players and generally takes less than an hour to play. 



Santorini is an abstract strategy board game for 2-4. Inspired by the architecture of cliffside villages on Santorini Island in Greece, and primarily designed for two players, the game is played on a grid where each turn players build a town by placing building pieces up to three levels high. To win the game, players must move one of their two characters to the third level of the town.

The Settlers of Catan


  The Settlers of Catan is an award-winning strategy game where players collect resources and use them to build roads, settlements and cities on their way to victory. The board itself is variable, making each game a little different from the next. Each round of The Settlers of Catan is intended to keep three or four players engaged for up to 90 minutes.

Monopoly - Onyx Edition


This Monopoly game is one of the prides of our pub collection. The Onyx  Edition is a premium variant on the classic Monopoly boardgame offered  in 2007, featuring a 16" x 16" black wood board, brushed metal pieces  and deluxe accessories. This specific board was a special gift to our  head brewer and now sits on our shelf ready to be played by our patrons.   

The Red Dragon Inn


You and your adventuring companions have spent all day slogging through the Dungeon, killing monsters and taking their stuff. Now you’re back in town, healed up, cleaned up, and ready to party at the Red Dragon Inn. In this party game you drink, gamble, and roughhouse with your friends using playing cards. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your Gold. If you run out, you’ll have to spend the night in the stables.

Other Great Games


Battleship is a guessing game for  two players. It is played on ruled grids on which the players' fleets of  ships are marked. The locations of the fleet are concealed from the  other player. Players alternate turns calling "shots" at the other  player's ships, and the objective of the game is to destroy the opposing  player's fleet. If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Fact or Crap

 Basic trivia game where players try to figure out if a statement is a Fact, or just a load of Crap. The players take turns being the Reader in a clockwise direction.

After the Reader has read the first question, the other players have  to decide as fast as they can whether the answer is Fact or Crap.  The  players indicate their answer by putting face down either their Fact  Answer card or Crap Answer card.  

Apples to Apples

A party game where the object of the game is to win the most rounds by playing a "red apple" card (which generally features a noun) from one's hand to best "match" that round's communal "green apple" card (which contains an adjective) as chosen by that round's judging player. The game is designed for four to ten players and played for 30–75 minutes. 

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a board game from Canada in which winning is determined by a player's ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture questions. Dozens of question sets have been released for the game. The question cards are organized into themes; for instance, in the standard Genus question set, questions in green deal with science and nature. 


Boggle is a word game using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters. 


Rack-O is a filing card game with the objective of obtaining 10 numbers, in numerical order, in one's hand. Rack-O allows between 2-4 players, and is recommended for players age 8 and up.